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!!! ZAR 16 000 raised !!!


Down Load Now via Dancing For Rhino South Africa

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I was born in South Africa at the turn of the millennium to a South African Mother and German Father. 

I have always been passionate about animals. I don’t think I ever realized how lucky I am to have been born in Africa, the birthplace of some of the most iconic species on the planet and sadly some of the most endangered and vulnerable.


My parents instilled in me how important it is to love all animals and have always taught me to make sure I understand the background of anything and everything involving animals before I support it.  With so many pseudo sanctuaries and people exploiting animals in the name of CON-servation.  I am proud to say that I have never ever visited a circus that uses animals and never will. I have made plenty of mistakes and misjudged the animal’s involvement as “they don’t know any better” but one thing I have learned for sure, is there are no winners when we exploit animals, not us and certainly not them. The animal always pays the ultimate price for human stupidity or mismanagement.


 With my new single “Ghost”, I hope to spread awareness on illegal poaching by singing and talking about this very controversial topic. I am fortunate to have a team of people that have been willing to help me add credibility and share this message to shed light on the plight of our vanishing giants. I am extremely thankful to Nathan Sanan, an incredibly talented street artist from Port Elizabeth, who I commissioned to paint a canvass of a Rhino to auction off as well as use it for the cover art of this single. The incredible Jo from Rooting4Rhino and her fellow conservationist Carole, who have supported this from the start and helped me turn this into a campaign that will benefit The Chipembere Rhino Foundation. I would also like to thank long time family friends Meg and Riley, fellow Rhino warriors, for contributing the Rolling Rhino games and connecting me to the right people!  Thank you to Joey Lay, Miranda Pierce and Oliver Brown for the part they played in turning me into a Rhino to help me express what a poached Rhino possibly endures and that when we do nothing, we all have their blood on our hands!


 I have been incredibly fortunate that Dr.  William Fowlds, who I look up to as someone who is on the front line of this battle to save the Species has added credibility to this initiative by allowing me to interview him and share important information about Rhino and how we can save them!


Despite the challenges of Covid-19 we are putting together an auction/fundraiser event by using music, passion and art to raise funds and awareness of Rhino poaching and a call to action for the average person on the street like myself to use their God given talents, drive and determination to stand up for and fight for what you believe in.  After all you may be the very thing that stands between them thriving or going extinct.  Reach out to people, you may be surprised who will be willing to work with you! 


This is an ongoing collaboration and we are aiming to have this event/Auction by Easter 2021.  I cannot thank Chipembere Rhino foundation enough for their trust and support.  Please keep checking back for more information on how this amazing project evolves.  If you would like to get involved and know more visit CRF for more information.


 Finally Thank you to my mom, the creative Genius behind this vision.


If you have ever asked yourself what you can do as an individual ?! Check out what other Rhino warriors are doing with their talent/Skills and time.

You have the ability to make a difference.

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