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About Us

Remember We Die is a high energy queer female fronted rock band. Their style is reminiscent of the great rock bands of the 80’s as well as their modern counterparts. Make no mistake, these young rockers will melt your faces with their explosive riffs and vocals. Despite their rough exteriors, Remember We Die exhibits a softer side to rock n’ roll as well, giving the audience a true musical experience. Isaac Baquerizo captivates the audience with his electrifying solo’s, complemented by Emma’s powerful and dynamic drumming, Caleb’s thunderous bass riffs, and Storm’s seamless transitions between clean and growl-like vocals. Meeting as concertgoers, they truly embody the spirit and community of rock music. Together, they offer crowds an unforgettable musical experience and teach them to live in the moment because in the end, Remember We Die.

Meet the Band

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